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Financial Accounts

All businesses are required to produce annual accounts, to meet statutory obligations. But the process of preparing and reviewing your accounts should not be seen as an unnecessary chore and if prepared in a timely manner can be a very useful aid to business decision making.

At J S Bethell & Co we are experts in the preparation of fully compliant, detailed and professionally prepared annual accounts which will meet all your statutory requirements. The annual accounts we prepare will allow business owners or managers to evaluate performance and to make future business plans.

Producing useful annual accounts starts with good record keeping. You may need support to set up appropriate systems for your business or ad hoc support and advice during the year to ensure key accounting controls and reconciliations are in operation. This comes as standard for all of our clients.

Unlike other accountants we offer clients input at critical times during the year. In our view, meeting with our clients and discussing their business during the year give us:

  • The chance to review financial forecasts for the year end, calculate expected tax liabilities and avoid any nasty shocks before it is too late
  • Implement tax planning solutions in the current year so that the opportunity is not missed.
  • Provide peace of mind, certainty and comfort in knowing all is well with the business and all has been done to pre-empt unnecessary problems.

When prepared we review your annual accounts with you, explaining the results and highlighting planning opportunities.

Whatever the size of your business we have a range of services that will be suitable for you.

For further information, please contact:

John Thompson. Email or call 0114 2682361.

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